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Balance and Swing // Short Film PRESS //  Our RISD / Animated Women / Casual Effects

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Last 40 Seconds of Canadian CowboyPRESS //  Paste / The 405 

Wishing Well // David Berkeley Music Video


Shorts on Tap: Women in Revolt (London, UK)
Indie Grits Film Festival (Columbia, SC)
Cape Fear Independent Film Festival (Wilmington, NC)
Midwest Independent Film Festival (Chicago,IL)
Touch Sensitive Exhibit (London, UK)

Chicago International Film Festival (Chicago, IL)
Animation Block Party (Brooklyn, NY)
Utah Arts Festival, Fear No Film Festival Showcase (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Southeast New England SENE Film Festival (Providence, RI)
PBS: ¡COLORES! Program based in Santa Fe, New Mexico (television broadcast)
NO DEPRESSION: music magazine, David Berkeley album premiere (featured music video)
MySpace Artist of the Month: David Berkeley (featured music video)

Animation Block Party (Brooklyn, NY)
Animae Caribe (Trinidad and Tobago)
Plymouth State University, Carl Drerup Gallery: Moments Contemporary Video Exhibition (Plymouth, NH)
Entertainment Weekly: Marco Benevento music video premiere

ANNECY International Animated Film Festival (France)
London International Animated Film Festival (UK)
ANIMATOR International Animation Festival (Poland)
ReAnimania International Animation Festival (Armenia)
ANIMA’ZIK (France)
SENE Southeast New England Film Festival (USA), Jury Award
S2F2 Silent Scored Film Festival (USA)
The 405 (London-based music magazine and culture)
PASTE Magazine (music culture)
NPR All Songs Considered: Arc Iris (featured music video)
Artmageddon (art and music culture online)

ANNECY International Animated Film Festival (France)
SENE Southeast New England Film Festival (USA), Best Animated Film
Black Maria Film Festival (USA), Director’s Choice Award
Comic Con Rhode Island (USA)
Les Nuits Magiques (France)
Our RISD (featured artist, online publication)